Intergovernmental Agreement

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An intergovernmental agreement (IGA) is any agreement that involves or is made between two or more governments in cooperation to resolve problems of mutual concern.  

On July 25, 2017 (Amended August 9th, 2017), the City of Albany Board of Commissioners approved an intergovermental agreement between the City, the Downtown Development Authority(DDA), and ADICA.  The primary purpose of the IGA is to define the respective roles of ADICA and the DDA board.

ADICA’s role is carrying out, (a) public projects, and (b) redevelopment projects authorized by the Redevelopment Powers Law, in accordance with the Redevelopment Plan. ADICA has citywide and countywide jurisdiction.

The DDA’s role is carrying out, (a) private projects, and (b) public/private projects. Its jurisdiction is limited to the Central Business District (CBD).

The redevelopment powers delegated by the City to ADICA shall instead be exercised by the DDA in the CBD to the extent that it lies within the Redevelopment Area, and by ADICA, to the extent authorized by HB 611, in the remainder of the Redevelopment Area. Redevelopment properties that ADICA already owns within the CBD are a special case.

ADICA and the DDA agree to communicate, coordinate and cooperate with each other and to report to the City.