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Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority

The Albany Dougherty Inner-City Authority was created by the State Legislature in 1977 and through enabling legislation was able to acquire and build properties to enhance the development of Albany-Dougherty County. ADICA’s role is to carry out, (a) public projects, and (b) redevelopment projects authorized by the Redevelopment Powers Law, in accordance with the Redevelopment Plan. ADICA has citywide and countywide jurisdiction.

The redevelopment powers delegated by the City to ADICA shall instead be exercised by the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in the Central Business District to the extent that it lies within the Redevelopment Area, and by ADICA, to the extent authorized by HB 611, in the remainder of the Redevelopment Area.  Special provisions shall apply to redevelopment properties that ADICA owns within the Central Business District.

Special Provisions 

ADICA will retain redevelopment responsibilities for properties owned within the Central Business District, but ADICA and the DDA will work together as follows:

  • ADICA will approve the DDA’s scope of work for the rehabilitation of the properties intended for retail use.
  • Since redevelopment of the retail properties necessarily involves the private sector, the DDA will, on behalf of ADICA, manage and lease the properties that ADICA owns, within parameters agreed to by the DDA and ADICA, without the need for further approvals by ADICA.
  • The DDA may negotiate the sale of some of these properties that ADICA owns, but ADICA reserves the right to approve any sale and will itself enter into any sales agreements. The DDA will receive reasonable compensation for its leasing, management and sales services. All leased properties will be fully subject to property tax.
  • The DDA will also on behalf of ADICA issue any construction contracts that are needed for rehabilitation purposes. The source for payment of rehabilitation costs will first be any remaining proceeds of tax allocation bonds, next any loan made available to the DDA from the Downtown Investment Loan Fund, and finally, if necessary, the proceeds of leasing and sales activities. 

The ADICA Board has seven members that are appointed by the City Commission. The board meets on an as-needed basis throughout the year, depending on agenda items that require board action. The meetings are open to the public, and are held on the first floor of the City/County Governmental Building.  All meetings are held in room 120 of the Government Center Building located at 222 Pine Ave.


ADICA Board Members

Name Title Original Appointment Date Length of Term  Term Expires
James Lindsey Chairperson 01/27/2015 2 years  01/2019
Vacancy Vice-Chair    
Phil Cannon 10/15/2014 2 years  01/2020
Omar Salaam 01/27/2015 2 years  01/2019
Dr. Charles Ochie 01/22/2013 2 years  01/2019
Michael Stewart 01/13/2014 2 years  01/2020
Eric Culbreth 01/08/2018 2 years  01/2020



Upcoming ADICA Board Meetings
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