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Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority of Albany, Georgia (DDA) is a public body corporate and politic, created in and for the City of Albany located in Dougherty County. The Authority has been created by the General Assembly of Georgia and has been activated by the City as a downtown development authority under the Downtown Development Authorities Law, O.C.G.A. Section 36-42-1, et seq. by a resolution of the governing body of the City, duly filed with the Secretary of State of Georgia and the Department of Community Affairs.  For many years, the DDA and ADICA boards, have served and functioned under the auspices of ADICA until they were recently separated.  

The DDA has been created and activated pursuant to the DDA Law for the purpose of promoting trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities for the public good and general welfare, for the purpose of promoting the general welfare of the State of Georgia, and specifically for the purpose of revitalizing and redeveloping the central business district of Albany, Georgia.

Under the DDA Law, the DDA has the power, to borrow money in furtherance of its public purposes and to use the proceeds thereof for any project that is the acquisition, construction, installation, modification, renovation, or rehabilitation of land, interests in land, buildings, structures, facilities, or other improvements located or to be located within the downtown development area, and the acquisition, and acquisition, modification, renovation, rehabilitation, or furnishing of fixtures, machinery, equipment, furniture, or other property of any nature whatsoever used on, in, or in connection with any such land, interest in land, building, structure, facility, or other improvement, for any industrial, commercial, business, office, parking, public, or other use, provided that a majority of the members of the DDA determine by a duly adopted resolution that the project and the use thereof would further the public purposes described in the DDA Law. 

The DDA Board has seven members, 6 of whom are appointed by the City Commission, and one which is appointed by the other board members.The DDA Board meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. The meetings are open to the public, and are held on the first floor of the City/County Governmental Building.  All meetings are either held in room 120 of the Government Center Building located at 222 Pine Ave. or at 401 Pine Avenue, 2nd Floor.


DDA Board Members

Name Title Appointment Date Length of Term Term Expires
Thelma Adams Johnson Chairperson 4/13/2017 4 years 4/2021
Carl White Vice-Chairperson 4/13/2017 4 years 4/2021
CaMia Hopson 4/13/2017 4 years 4/2023
Omar Salaam 4/13/2017 4 years 4/2021
Stanley Logue 1/23/2018 4 years 4/2021
Bob Langstaff 4/13/2017 4 years 4/2021
Albert Etheridge 5/28/2019 4 years 4/2023


Upcoming DDA Board Meetings

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