Downtown Facade Grant

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The purpose of the Facade Grant is to stimulate investment into the revitalization and preservation of Albany’s historic downtown area in the interest of public health, safety and welfare. Downtown Albany is the historic core of the city and serves as the seat of business, government and service for the community. With downtown architecture ranging from the 1830s to present, downtown is the heart of the Albany Historic District and its pedestrian focus and historic buildings invite both residents and tourists. Each downtown building has an individual character, and each building is treated with respect of its unique features, historic appearance and significance, current condition, and contribution and impact. 

This grant provides awards up to $5,000 for the exterior improvement of a storefront and/or signage.  Eligible projects must be located in the locally designated Downtown Central Business District.  Potentially eligible participants include commercial property owners or business owners. 

Eligible work includes:

  • Exterior painting. Colors must be approved by Application Review Team - Restoration of original and/or historic façade. 
  • Exterior Lighting and lighting fixtures
  • Canopies and awnings. . Colors must be approved by Application Review Team
  • Masonry cleaning (only by the gentlest means possible)
  • Exterior walls/materials - replacement/uncovering of architectural features
  • Structural stabilization - replacement of non-historic storefronts/buildings (demolition)
  • Removal of non-compliant and old signs. Signs must be approved by Application Review Team
  • Window and Door replacement

For more information about the program, or to apply for this grant, please click on the Policies and Application.  You may also contact, Keirston Williams at 229-483-7665.